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Commonwealth Games

The commonwealth games are going for two weeks . There are lots of events you can choose from , one of my favourites is hurdles and swimming . If you’ve ever watched Judo its pretty funny . We were watching it in class it was so funny to watch .The Commonwealth games are being held in Glasgow which is in Scotland ,I think its Scotland’s  third time hosting the Commonwealth games . They have medals at the Commonwealth games and the medal tally says  that Australia’s on top . The Commonwealth games are a bit different to the olympics because the Commonwealth games are only for the countries that have links to the Commonwealth of nations .The Olympics is for any country. Australia has even hosted the Olympics before in Sydney and Melbourne and  have also hosted the Commonwealth games before in Melbourne ,Sydney, Perth and Brisbane the next Commonwealth games in 2018 will be held on the Gold Goast , Queensland .

What's your favourite event at the Common Wealth games ?

Have you ever been to the Common Wealth games before ?


Story Bird

This week in class we have been using story bird . It is fun and you create storys on the website . You pick art work to go with your story then tipe it up and then you can puplish it so then any one can read it .  You can also write a poem on story bird , you can write a chapter book and a picture book . The book  I wrote this week is a bit about the Common Wealth  games , its called The Glasgow Swimming Pool Home  . To read it click here .
Have you ever wrote a story on story bird ?
Have you been waching any of the Common Wealth games ?
Whats your favourite event in the Commen Wealth games ?
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