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100WC But It Is Yellow !

”But it is yellow ” I said ,flopping down on the change room chair . Hi , my name is Delilah and I’m shopping for a party dress with my mum . I don’t like that dress! My favourite  colour is blue ,not yellow . We are at the pop up mall. The only dress that fits me  and the style that I like only comes in yellow . We went home without a dress. Tonight’s the night of  my best friend Emmerson’s birthday party .Mum say’s that I could wear some of my old clothes. I shouted loudly, ”NO WAY”! Everyone there will be wearing new clothes. What now ? 

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100 WC Finally We Can Make A Start

Finally we can make a start . We’ve been waiting here for the gates to open for 2 hours, but it was worth it we were first in line .My name is Delila and I’m here with my Mum ,Dad and little brother  Dilian. After we got our tickets I shouted out “I want to go on the Rollercoaster!” So me and dad went on the fastest one called Steamo Rocket . After that we all went on the Ferris wheel and got a show bag , but as we were on the Ferris wheel we heard a crack! It stopped! What happened?  











































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