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100 WC

on October 8, 2014

My name is Kira,

I’m 10 year’s old and I live in Kenya. I have been blind for two years , but it’s not all bad because Yesterday a Miracle happened , a doctor  came to my village. My village is called Wautoo. The doctor visited my parents and told them that I could have an operation because I cataracts . So I went to the nearest hospital a hour away then I was put to sleep. When I woke suddenly I was able to see again . My parents were crying because they were so happy! Then I went and played my very first game of hide and seek chasey.


6 Responses to “100 WC”

  1. Miss Tonissen says:

    Dear Georgia,

    I really like the way that you decided to write your challenge as a letter! It would be a great introduction if you were writing to a new penpal.
    Remember that a comma is just for a tiny break in the sentence, but the full stop is for when you need to have a complete stop. Reread your writing so you have used the commas and full stops properly.

    A great effort! It would be an amazing experience to be blind and then to be able to see!

    Miss T 🙂

    • geo10246 says:

      Dear Miss T
      Thanks for commenting , I will next time try and put the full stops and commas in the correct spot in my writing next time.
      From Georgia

      • Miss Tonissen says:

        Hi Georgia,

        You are very welcome. I love reading all of the writing that you put up on your blog!
        Sometimes it can be tricky to put the punctuation in the right place, but keep persisting because that’s how you will get better!

        I hope to see more of your writing soon! Are you going to put any new book reviews up on your blog? Or maybe your Top 10 favourite books? I bet you’ve read some really awesome stories that would be great to share!

        Miss T 🙂

        • geo10246 says:

          Dear Miss T
          I am working on a book review for the indian in the cupboard , I’m also working on a movie review of the indian in the cupboard.
          From Georgia

  2. Trish Burgess (Team 100WC) says:

    Hello Georgia

    This was an unusual prompt for the 100WC so I’m pleased to read your take on it. There are many children like Kira who suffer from cataracts and the operation is such a simple one. Imagine how wonderful it must be to see again.
    I think you have tried very hard to explain how it must feel for Kira and her parents.

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